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Mahavir Mandir Patna


     Mahavir Mandir, Patna is one of the leading Hanuman temples in the country. Daily thousands of devotees throng the temple and get solace from the worship of Hanumanji. It is a �manokamana� mandir where devotees� every wish is fulfilled and this is the reason for ever-increasing number of devotees in the temple.

As per the Patna High Court judgment in 1948 the temple exists since time immemorial. But from the scrutiny of historical facts and traditions it appears that this temple was originally established by Swami Balanand, an ascetic of Ramanandi sect in around 1730 A.D.

The main temple has got two idols of Hanumanji one for A�i.e. for protection of good people and another for A��i.e. for the elimination of the wicked persons. The temple belongs to Ramanand sect although from 1900 A.D. it had been in the possession of the Gosain Sanyasis till 1948 A.D.

In 1948 A.D. it was declared a public temple by Patna High Court. The temple was renovated and reconstructed between 1983 and 1985 at the initiative of Kishore Kunal with devotees� contribution and now it is one of the most magnificent temples in the country.

Apart from Hanumanji there are sanctum sanctora for deities such as

  • Shiva Family
  • Ram-Lakshman and Shavari
  • Krishna-Arjun
  • Durga
  • Shiva - Parvati
  • Ganeshji
  • Lord Budha
  • Satyanarain Bhagwan
  • Ram and Sita

     Since 1987 the temple is managed by a trust comprising of 11 members. Earlier the annual income shown by the previous establishment was less than Rs.1000/- per month whereas the present income of the temple is more than Rs.1,00,000/- (one lakh) per day.

It started from zero in November, 1987 and has now established assets to the tune of almost 100 crores for the temple trust.

It has established four� big hospitals such as :

  1. Mahavir Cancer Sansthan(a super specialty cancer hospital)
  2. Mahavir Vaatsalya Aspatal (state-of- art super specialty child and maternity hospital)  Adope
  3. Mahavir Arogya Sansthan (a general hospital)  Adope
  4. Mahavir Netralaya (a super specialty eye hospital)  Adope

     Mahavir Mandir trust organizes medical camps, provides free medicines and subsidized treatment to a large number of poor and needy patients every year. All the cancer patients up to the age of 12 years are taken special care of by the temple trust and it spends more than three crores per annum on the philanthropic projects for persons belonging to middle and low income groups.

Mahavir Cancer Sansthan
Mahavir Cancer Sansthan(a super specialty cancer hospital)

Mahavir Mandir trust has got many first feats to its credit. It is the first major public temple in the country where a dalit was appointed a priest as long back as on 13th June, 1993.

It is probably the only temple in the country where in the performance of rituals even the dakshina to the priests is paid by the temple trust from the charges taken for rituals.

It is one of the first trusts in North India where temple funds have been mostly utilized for philanthropic projects such as establishment of charitable hospitals and monetary assistance to the poorest and needy persons.

Its Naivedyam i.e. ladoos are as good as Tirupati ladoos and the temple trust earns considerable profit. It may be one of the few temples where all donations are received through cheques or bank drafts without making a request.

The temple organizes all vedic and pauranic rituals for all persons irrespective of castes. There is a long queue in the booking for performance of rituals:

The following fees are received for spiritual services.

  1. Bhagavan Ka Bhog
    1. Tuesday������  � Rs. 501.00
    2. Saturday�����  � Rs. 251.00
    3. Special days    Rs. 501.00
    4. Other days��   Rs.151.00
  2. Akhand-Jyoti
    1. Tuesday�������� Rs. 351.00
    2. Saturday������� Rs. 201.00
    3. Special Days� Rs. 351.00
    4. Other days���� Rs. 151.00
  3. Sindoor-Shringar����������� Rs. 151.00
  4. Sadhu-Seva����� RS. 251.00
  5. Daridranarayan-Bhoj
    1. General� ����������� Rs. 501.00 (Khichari and Sabji)
    2. Special ������� � � � Rs.1001.00 (Halava and Poori-Sabji)

Following fees are received for Vedic rituals.

  1. Brihat-Hanumat-Puja �������������������� Rs. 351.00
  2. Rudra-Abhishek General Days��� ��� Rs. 501.00
  3. Ram-Archa�������������� � � ������������ � � � Rs. 251.00
  4. Brihat-Satyanarayan-Puja������������� Rs.351.00
  5. Birthday Ritual
    1. Janma-Mangala-Anusthan������������ Rs. 251.00
  6. Grah-Shanti � �     � � � � Rs. 251.00
  7. Roga-Shanti�� ������������� Rs. 351.00
  8. Spacial-Havan �������� ����Rs. 251.00
  9. Ganesh-Pujan �������������Rs. 251.00
  10. Shri-krishna-Pujan ������Rs. 251.00
  11. Mundan ���������������� � � � Rs. 51.00

Jaap and Path (Chanting and Reciting)

  1. Maha-Mrityunjaya Jaap (minimum 11 thousand) RS. 2475.00 (Per 11 thousand)
  2. Other Graha-mantra Jaap (Only Vedic)��������������� Rs. 2475.00 (Per 11 Thousand)
  3. Santaan-Gopal-Mantra Reciting�������� ����������������� Rs. 225.00 (Per Thousand)
  4. Santaan-Gopal-Stotra Reciting���������� ���������������� Rs. 101.00 (Per recite)
  5. Sundar-Kand (Ramcharitmanas) Reciting������������ Rs. 101.00 (Per recite)
  6. Sundar Kand (Valmiki-Ramayan) Reciting������������ Rs. 1800.00 (Per recite)
  7. Hanuman-Chalisa Reciting���� (minimum 108)�������Rs. 751.00 (Per 108 recites)
  8. Shri Durga-saptashati Reciting (Plain )�����������������Rs. 251.00 (Per recite)
  9. Shri Durga-saptashati Reciting (Samput)�������������Rs. 751.00 (Per recite)
  10. Ramraksha-Stotra Reciting���� (minimum 5 )���������Rs. 251.00 (per 5 recite)
  11. Mantra-chanting ��������������������������� �� � �� � � �� � � �� Rs. 225.00 (Per thousand)

Details can be obtained by mail These rituals are performed in a manner which is an improvement on the already established practice. Persons from the lowly born to His Excellency the Governors have participated in such rituals.

The following festivals are celebreted in the temple.

  1. Ram-Navami
  2. Janaki-Navami
  3. Hanuman-Jayanti
  4. Shri Krishna-Janmastami
  5. Durga-Puja
  6. Vivah-Panchami
  7. Sanskrit-Divas
  8. Tulasi-Jayanti
  9. Gita-Jayanti
  10. Ramanandacharya-Jayanti
  11. Ravidas-Jayanti

The following philanthropic activities are conducted under aegis of Mahavir Mandir:

  1. Disposal of unclaimed dead body
  2. Scholarship for poor students
  3. Contribution for Child-Treatment at Mahavir Cancer Sansthan
  4. Sangat-Pangat
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Mahavir Mandir- Publication

“Dharmayan” A Hindi research magazine on Indian metaphysics, culture and rich heritage has been published for 20 years. �Its 78 volumes have been published.

The Following books have been published by Mahavir Mandir:

  1. Maruti-Charitamritam
  2. A collection of Samskrit text with Hindi translation by Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi depicting complete life of Lord Hanuman as told in Valmeekeeya Ramayana and other Samskrit literature. Edited by Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi and Acharya Kishore Kunal.
    Year of publication: 1996
    Total Page: 1015
    Price: Rs. 85.00

  3. Maruti Stuti
  4. Edited by Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi and Acharya Kishore Kunal.
    Year of publication: First edition: 1993
    Second edition: 1996
    Total Page: 312
    Price: Paperback: Rs. 30.00 (Second edition)
    Deluxe: Rs. 45.00 (second edition)

  5. Maruti Stuti -Consize
  6. Edited by Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi and Acharya Kishore Kunal.
    First publication: 1996
    Second edition: 1979
    Third edition: 2002
    Fourth edition: 2006
    Total Page: 84
    Price: Rs. 15.00

  7. Ram Rajya
  8. Edited by Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi.
    Year of publication: 1992
    Total Page: 316
    Price: Rs. 20.00

  9. Jai Jai Siyaram
  10. By Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi.
    Year of publication: 2002
    Total Page: 237
    Price: Rs. 25.00

  11. Jai Bajarangbali
  12. By Acharya� Sitaram Chaturvedi.
    Year of publication: 1996
    Total Page: 208
    Price: Rs. 20.00

  13. Sri-Mad-Bhagavad-Gita
  14. With Hindi translation by Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedy and with verse by Aravind Manav.
    Year of publication: 2002
    Total Page: 260
    Price: 20.00

  15. Bhagavan Srikrisna
  16. An epic in Hindi on Lord Srikrisna by Justice Vidyananda.
    Year of publication: 1996
    Total Page: 403
    Price: Paperback: Rs. 35.00
    Deluxe: Rs. 60.00

  17. Stuti Kaumudi
  18. A small collection in prays of various deities.
    Year of publication: 2000
    Total Page: 16
    Price: Rs. 5.00

  19. Buddhavataraya Namo Namaste
  20. This book in Hindi language with relevant excerpts from Hindu and Budhist literature deals with Lord Buddha as the 9th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, by Acharya Kishore Kunal.
    Year of publication: 2003
    Total Page: 76
    Price: Rs. 10.00

  21. Brihat-Satyanarayan-Puja-Prakash
  22. Edited by Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi, Pro. Kashinath Mishra Acharya Kishore Kunal and Pro. Krisnanand Jha.
    Year of publication: 2003
    Total Page: 117
    Price: Rs 20.00

  23. Brihat-Satyanarayan-Puja-Prakash
  24. Told by Ramanandacarya, the famous saint. Edited with Hindi translation and proceedings of rituals by Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi, Pro. Kashinath Mishra, Acharya Kishore Kunal, Pro. Krisnanand Jha and Pt. Bhavanath Jha.
    Year of publication: 2004
    Total Page: 92
    Price: Rs. 15.00

  25. Sri Rudra-Archan-Paddhati
  26. A book for rituals of Rudra-Abhisheka i-e the sacred bathing of Lord Shiva collected from Vedic text and other sources. Edited with Hindi translation and proceedings of rituals by Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi, Pro. Kashinath Mishra, Acharya Kishore Kunal, Pro. Krisnanand Jha and Pt. Bhavanath Jha.
    Year of publication: 2004
    Total Page: 88
    Price: Rs. 15.00

  27. Sri Ramacharit Manas
  28. Balakand, the first canto out of six only.� The writer while giving Hindi commentary has traced out the very source, which has influenced the composition of every verse.
    Edited by Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi.
    Year of publication: 1993
    Total Page: 400
    Price: Rs. 25.00

  29. Sri Ramacharit Manas
  30. With Maruti Tika edited by Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi.
    Year of publication: 1999
    Total Page: 1191
    Price: Rs. 95.00

  31. Samsar Ko Bharat Ka Saraswata Avadan
  32. This book deals with the rich repertory of ancient India in the field of knowledge and how this reached all over the world.
    By Dr. Sitaram Jha 'Shyam'.
    Year of publication: 1993
    Total Page: 103
    Price: Paperback: Rs. 10.00 (Out of print)
    Library edition: Rs. 25.00 (Out of print)

  33. Maruti-Shatakam
  34. Jointly edited by Pro. Kashinath Mishra and Acharya Kishore Kunal. Dr. Sri Ranjan Surideva has given a foreword. A Sanskrit poetry containing 100 Slokas by Mahamopadhyaya Pandit Ramavatar Sharma in the praise of Lord Hanuman with Hindi Translation.� The prominent Samskrit scholar composed this poem at a very young age of 17-18 years only in one sitting on the bank of River Ganga taking Gangajal only.
    Year of publication � First edition � 1989
    Reprint � 1994
    Total Page: 10+51+2
    Price: Rs. 10.00 (Out of print)

  35. Raghuvansam
  36. The famous epic of Kalidas, with Hindi translation by Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi.
    Year of publication: - 1995
    Total Page: 16+182+16
    Price: Rs. 25.00 (Out of print)

  37. Ramayan Katha
  38. A very intelligent and learned description of the story of Lord Ram as available in 19 various sources. By Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi.
    Year of publication: 1996
    Total Page: 493
    Price: Rs. 30.00

  39. Hanumad-Bahukam
  40. A versified Samskrit translation of the famous book "Hanuman Bahuk" of Goswami Tulasidas, translated by Pandit Kedarnath Tripathi, the former head of the department of Banaras Hindu University.
    Year of publication 2005
    Total page: 53
    Price: Rs.10.00

  41. Shri Durgasaptashati
  42. The original Samskrit text with syllabised version and Hindi meaning of each word with Hindi translation. The Special comments are also given typically.
    Commentary by: Late Krishnachandra Mishra
    Edited by: Pt. Bhavanath Jha�
    Year of Publication 2005
    Total Page 368
    Price: Rs 25.00
    Second Edition, 2006
    Total Pages 434
    Price Rs. 40�

  43. Hanumat-Kavacham
  44. The original Samskrit text extract from Anand Ramayan with Hindi translation by Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi.
    Year of Publication: 2006
    Total Pages: 48
    Price: Rs 5.00

  45. Valmiki-Ramayan
  46. Only Hindi translation by Acharya Sitaram Chaturvedi. of Mumbai edition of Ramayan.
    Year of Publication: 2007
    Total Pages: 24+824
    Price: Rs 190.00

  47. Bhagavat-Puran (Only 10th Skandh)
  48. Only Hindi translation in poetry by Aravind Manav
    Year of Publication: 2008
    Total Pages: 400
    Price: Rs 60.00

  49. Agastya-Samhita
  50. An ancient Agamic Book of Ram-cult in Sanskrit with Hindi translation.
    Foreword by Acharya Kunal
    Editor: Pt. Bhavanath Jha
    Year of Publication: 2009
    Total Pages: 336
    Price: Rs 50.00 (Paperback), Rs. 200.00 (Hard Cover)

  51. Coming Publications
    • Bali-Vimarsha
    • Sri-Mad-Valmeekeeya Ramayan
    • Sraddha-Paddhati
    • Sundare Kim Na Sundaram

The temple has now turned into a �teerth� because of Hanumanji�s blessings and excellent management of the temple trust.